Why I Believe – Chip Ingram

Straight Answers to our Questions about God and Christianity

Chip Ingram’s book, Why I Believe delivers on its promise to offer straight answers to the honest questions we have about God, the Bible and Christianity.   In his practical and straightforward style Chip deals with these questions with authentic, personal, well researched and transparent answers.  If you are a sceptic,  the chapters in this book will challenge your doubts. If you are a Believer in Jesus Christ, the pages in this book will fortify and strengthen your faith that will impact your life.  This book is a useful training manual so you can answer the questions your friends have about the Christian faith.  We believe in this book so much that our Leadership training course at our church is using this book as part of our module one servant leader curriculum.

Author: Robin W. Pifer

Follower of Jesus Christ, Husband, Father, Chief (Grandfather of 4) Lead Pastor Oxford Baptist Church - Woodstock, Church Leadership Coach and Consultant, John Maxwell Team Member, BTH, MBA, PHD Candidate

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