Book Review – God’s Best-Kept Secret

Review –  God’s Best-Kept Secret by Mark Maulding

Over the weekend I have been reading a great new book called, God’s Best -Kept Secret by Mark Maulding.  The book is so refreshing and gives us the main key to our Christian life.  “God’s best-kept secret is this: the Christian life is easier than you think because you already have everything you need in Christ to live it!”  God wants everyone to experience life as he intended.

What I love about this book, is the Biblical, theological and practical approach it takes to eliminate the false lies and teaching that hinders us from experiencing the New Covenant life we can experience in Christ.  Each chapter challenges our thinking and lies we have believed and refreshes our mind with God’s truth.  Excellent examples and practical teaching from an experienced leader enable the reader to change our outlook and relationship with God.  No more striving but allowing the Lord Jesus Christ to wonderfully work within us.