Bounce by Aaron Früh

Learning to Thrive through Loss, Tragedy, and Heartache

This book came to me at just the right time.  In the last couple of years our family has been impacted by the loss of three family members through death, a significant move, work change and the transitions of our children.  Both my wife and I have responded in different ways to all of these life changes.  Fortunately, our communication is very transparent, and we have had the support of family, friends and our church community.  Most important we have been strengthened by the grace, presence and leading of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Along with these tangible connections to help us adjust to the new reality, we have received some practical resources.  Grieving, change, stress, loss and tragedy can really upset your physical, spiritual, mental and soul health.  Personally,  I have been impacted in all these areas.  It has been a very interesting journey.  At times my wife and I wondered when the cloud would clear and we would bounce back.  Thankfully the new beginnings have happened,  but we are changed people as a result of those hard things that impacted our lives.

I have read Aaron’s book twice since I received it from Baker Publishers.  It has impacted me both times.  In this book are very helpful chapters outlined in very practical ways with excellent stories to assist the reader in the journey to thrive through the losses and pain we can all experience in this life.  His personal story is compelling and his transparency encourages the reader to engage in their own journey to thrive again.

Whether it is his helpful description of the Four Resilience Blockers to developing your Personal Resilience plan, he lays out meaningful and practical teaching so we can embrace perplexity, hope and cry out for justice in our difficulties before God.

I am very thankful for this book and its impact on my life personally.  Thanks Aaron for being transparent and open to the Lord and his teaching to assist so many who have experienced the perplexities of this life while offering and reminding us about hope and justice which are gifts given to us by the Lord.